We have the experience & resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Competitive price with excellent customer serviceĀ  is our strength point in comparison with bigger engineering companies.


We will do everything possible, use the necessary resources to solve all the issues on hand. We are your one stop solution!

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Sewaro Constructions & Suppliers

A subsidiary of SY CO. LTD.(South Korea), Asia’s No. 1 Panel Manufacturer.

Sewaro Constructions & Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading construction company in Nepal. Our company has EPS based panels. Our EPS Panels help achieve smart, innovative building solutions that are cheap, strong, efficient and with high insulation properties for extreme hot or cold climates.

Sewaro Constructions & Suppliers comes up with a solution for Earthquake-resistant structures from start to finish.

We are the one & only authorized dealer in Kathmandu, Nepal to sell Korean Manufactured Panel . We sell Korean Sandwich panels, UPVC Windows, Steel doors & other subsidiary materials required for Panel Constructions in Nepal.

“Our products and techniques are guaranteed to save you Time & Money.”



    To build your best quality prefab houses, we use Korean Sandwich Panel in Nepal by SY Panel Nepal

    RP Wall Panel

    Ivory Wall Panel

    Wooden Wall Panel

    Zinc Wall Panel


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